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World-Leading Yacht Manufactures

Pride Mega Yachts are world-class expert yacht manufacturers, based in China’s Yantai Peninsula. With more than 25 years of experience in the luxury shipbuilding industry, our international team of expert consultants, designers and yacht builders ensures outstanding customer service and the highest quality end product. Specialising in the development and manufacturing of 80-120m superyachts, Pride Mega Yachts employs the most advanced sustainable technology to construct a new generation of unique luxury yachts.



Discover our range of luxury mega yachts. Escape aboard one of our stunning superyachts and discover a world of adventures and incredible experiences with family, friends or business associates. Enjoy a deluxe lifestyle aboard a floating paradise and experience everlasting memories with your beloved ones. At Pride Mega Yachts, we offer a fully customised service, from the bespoke layout to the innovative interior design, to realise our client’s dream.